Premade Templates

If you are interested in purchasing a premade template, these are the ones I currently have available.  Each template is sold only once.  Each template is shown with a variety of features available and some pictures reflect add-ons.  Please see below to see what's included in the base price, and what additional features would cost.

Premade Template Package $30
Blog Button
Fav Icon
Post Title Icon
Post Divider

Add-Ons can be purchased with package pricing shown on Custom design page

If there's something different you'd like to see, just let me know.

Black & Gray Chevron
Standard package with page titles added.  If you're looking for simple and classic, this is the design for you!

Black & Pink Chevron
Standard package with page titles added.  This design matches many classrooms out there and would be the perfect color scheme for a classroom blog!

Blue & Pink with Chevron
Light and bright!  This blog is simple and affordable and would be a great way to spice up your blog!

Light & Dainty
Standard package with page titles and social media buttons added.  This design is an extra $5 due to extra work needed on the design install.

Rays of Light
Standard package shown.

Muted Brights
Standard package shown

 Just Riding
Features standard design with page titles and sidebar customization.  This design is an additional $5 due to extra work needed for the design.

Classy Pink & Green
Standard package with page titles included in the picture below.

Black & White
Standard package with additional page and sidebar titles in picture below.

Green & White
This design features exactly what you get for the $30 package with no extras featured.  Most of the other  designs showcase add-ons like pages and sidebar tables.  This is the basic.

Blue Dots (also available in pink)

*The clip art in my designs are owned by their respective designers.  The designs on this page are created by me and may not be copied, reproduced, or redistributed.