Custom Designs

I will make up to 4 major (background & header) revisions.  At that point, if we aren't able to find exactly what you want, I'll ask that you find a new designer that might be more aligned with your vision. 

I provide free design support for 30 days after installation.  I'm happy to make minor changes (fonts, gadgets, etc.).  After 30 days, if you want changes, I will charge a small fee for my time.

The design process begins with you selecting which style you would like to go with.  Both price options include the background, header, blog button, signature, post divider, and installation.  There are two options: Standard Design or the Floating Design

The standard design includes a background with the blog centered in the middle.  The header fits within a rectangle on top.  
An example:

The floating design includes a complete background with the center portion floating on it.
An example:

In addition to the standard design, add-on packages allow you to personalize your blog to something that's uniquely you.